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Welcome to the home of the finest data and video interface cards available today. Engineering Design Team, Inc. (EDT) specializes in high-speed interface products that link devices such as digital cameras, high-resolution scanners, simulation systems, test systems, and telecom receivers to almost any computer.

Whether you work in astronomy, research, medicine, industry or defense, if superior and dependable performance is crucial, you'll find EDT's products unmatched in speed, simplicity and customer support. Browse this web site, then contact us directly to find out how we can meet your specific needs with our extensive line of PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI and PMC interface products.


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Heartbleed statement drivers now online for DV products
Visit us at VISION Messe Stuttgart 2014
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EDT vision / digital imaging Vision / Digital Imaging
EDT manufactures a broad line of framegrabbers and long range extension systems, supporting uncompressed Camera Link data on a wide variety of platforms.  
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EDT datacom / telecom products Datacom / Telecom
High-speed input/output interfaces support a wide variety of protocols and signal levels, including LVDS, RS422, ECL, PECL, SONET, T3, E3, MSDV-B, Ethernet, and single- or multiple-channel, serial or parallel.  
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EDT general purpose I/O Data Acquisition, Simulation, and Hardware Acceleration
From large FPGA boards, custom devices and data generators to scanners and DR11-W legacy systems, EDT has a high-speed solution to meet your most demanding I/O and processing needs.  
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Engineering Design Team
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